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Welcome to athousandwordsforlove.co.uk


A Thousand Words For Love has been set up for the sole purpose of raising much needed funds for the charity, Helen and Douglas House. Helen and Douglas House is a hospice for children and young adults that provides 24 hour care and support for them and their families. Full details of the charity and how they distribute their funds are available, just follow the links for the site on the left. Note that 100% of all monies raised by the projects on this site will be collected by the charity Helen and Douglas House directly, no actual money will pass through this site – all will be explained below. All start up fees have been met by the founders of the site, and the site will be maintained at no expense to the Helen and Douglas House. 

Those of you who saw the series of documentaries about Helen House on the BBC in 2007 will understand the love and assistance that is given to help these families' unimaginable heartache through a children’s hospice. An update to the original program was aired more recently.

Ok, so what is the idea behind this site and how does it hope to raise money for those kids and young adults, and their familes, being cared for by Helen and Douglas House?

What we at athousandwordsforlove.co.uk  aim to do is publish a book made with contributions by 100 of the world's top published authors. This book will then be sold with the proffits going Helen and Douglas House.


How will we do this?

We will contact directly the literati of the world by e-mails, letters, ‘phone calls, whatever it takes to ask for their cooperation in this project.


Why would they want to participate?

To help us help these kids and young adults, their parents and families; to have a very real impact on the care of these people in the UK.

It will be challenging enough to the writer to be engaging, and an interesting, ambitious experiment in a literary concept. It will not require a great deal of time, and it is something that can be done from the privacy of their own homes, and hell, they might even enjoy it. It will also give them the opportunity to sit amongst their peers within the pages of a unique publication, that will be entirely shaped by the randomness in which the participating writers are sequenced.

Each writer will be asked to provide exactly 1,000 words to be ‘donated’ to the finished work. Each subsequent writer will be able to read the novel up to the point at which they are to continue the story. They will be expected to maintain and develop the storyline. The thousandth word could be reached mid-sentence, perhaps during an important conversation, or plot development. The writers are being urged not to rewrite their work to fit its confines, but to just stop writing when it gets to precisely 1,000 words.

How long will the book take to complete?

That depends entirely upon the writers involved of course, all we can say is that it will take as long as it takes. All we do know for sure is that we will continue with the project until it is complete.

How much do we hope to raise?

In short, it is impossible to predict how much and depends entirely upon the number of books sold. So please, when the time approaches, spread the word about this project, add our link to your sites, become part of it. Help us raise as much as possible.

Please remember that you can, of course, donate directly to Helen and Douglas House at any time via their website.


What wil happen when this projects is completed?

This project is very much a one off. It is ambitious in its nature, which is what will make it so interesting to read. It shall remain a unique publication for many years to come.

What is the legal standing of the site?

Though we are not a charity, we are working directly with Helen and Douglas House. Helen & Douglas House is a registered charity (1085951). We reiterate that  NO monies whatsoever shall pass through this site or anyone connected to it.  All monies raised will be paid directly to the charity via booksale receipts. The site and project will be overseen by them and they have full control and authority over content and operation of the site and project

In order that things remain uncomplicated, all rights to the 1,000 words donated by each contributor will pass to and remain with the Helen and Douglas House charity. This will include film rights – which will be available to any film company which wishes to make a large donation to the charity. If you are interested in this, please contact us here, or the charity direct, and we can let you know more.


Please help us to help these families.

N.B. Parts of this site are still under constrction.